Thursday, June 16, 2005

Greetings from Baltimore!

It has been a long knitless week here in Baltimore. Big sigh! One Stranded Sister has been held captive in this city for a mandatory week long conference that has to do strictly with my other life. The last knitting I was able to do was on the plane here. Almost, almost finished a very fun recycled silk sari bag. There is always the plane ride home tomorrow! It really has been pretty lovely here. Parked right on the Inner Harbor close to Camden Yards. I had the honor of watching the Oriole's win against the Astros. Grueling sessions have hammered my brain during the day and the ballgame was a nice respite. Knitting would have been good too, however. I wasn't even able to explore yarn shops, but have been able to consume a years worth of crabcakes in just 4 days.
So we will be back at the Harbor MarketPlace on Saturday and the weather forecast is for absolutely PERFECT weather. There will also be a great fun festival going on at the Lake, so please come and join us if you're able. Will let you know how it goes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can vouch for the length of the week, my Dear. See you at the airport tonight. The "Man Behind the Scenes".

12:17 PM  

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