Saturday, July 16, 2005

Citrus Bag is finally finished

Well the citrus-y bag in bright lemon yellow and lime green is finally done. The knitting went well, The design was inspired from a pattern called the "Oval Bottom Bag", by Two Old Bags. It is a great pattern that uses short row shaping for the bottom and the sides. This verison was made a bit taller than the pattern and I knit some stripes at the top before the final shaping. The double strap idea came from the "Constant Companion" pattern. The thing that held this bag up the most was the straps. To use grommets or not not to use grommets. That was the question. Of course, once you punch the whole in the felted bag, you can't undo it, so I had to be pretty sure. Well, I lept, and I really LOVE the way it turned out.


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