Friday, September 30, 2005

Felted Soaps

After reading some discussion on the knitlist and using the information offered up there; I had to try my hand at felting soap. My husband a/k/a/ my "male stranded sister" even had to join in the fun!! A little fleece, a little hot water and bubble wrap turns to an entertaining evening, who'd have thought.

They can be used as an exfolliant treatment for your hands and feet to feel soft and healthy. They are agood tool for getting gardener gunk off your hands. Other dry skin areas benefit from the use of a felted bar. They are wonderful as a non-skid bar in the bath and shower. The design of this soap is great for those with arthritis or hand problems as they are easy to hold and do not slip. You could use them as part of your camping supplies. It's a bar of soap and a wash rag in one ! Less to carry and pack. When you have used up all the soap in the bar a very clean cat toy remains that's also great for cleaning the dust off your computer screen. Who knew there could be so much versatility is such a small thing. I have asked a few 'stranded sisters' to act as test soapers to see if any big flaws present themselves. These bars are made of very mild soap such as Dove and Jurgens. One soap is a Pears bar, I wanted to see how glycerine did as a felted soap.

On some I wrapped pencil roving around the bar for a fun effect and maybe a little added texture for scrubbing.

How very fun!!


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