Saturday, September 24, 2005

What has been going on?

Well, the flying fingers of "The Sisters" have been extremelly busy. Here are some pics of the latest things that have been completed. Scroll down to the moebius bowl that was so very cool to make. Here are some wine socks that my 'senior' stranded sister and I have recently made. This is a really fun bag that I made. My male sister a/k/a my husband has named it Triple Treat Tote. Why? Cause it is made of three different kinds of wool. Peruvian, Andean and Merino. It is made of three different materials, wool, leather and wood (buttons on the inside) and it has three different bands of design knit into it. Inside a privacy pocket has been knit into the side of the bag also, but that doesn't relate in anyway to a 'three' theme. Oh well. It is a very nice bag if I do say so myself.
This messenger bag was also recently finished by my 'senior' stranded sister. It is a great pattern from called "Satchel" It's from the Man Issue, Summer 2005. It's a yarn eater! She made it with Outback wool in an interesting camoflauge color. Very manly, but I like it too!
This bowl/basket is very special to me. I was given the yarn from a dear friend, It is hand spun wool and I was inspired to try a pocket, much like the 'afterthought' pocket by Elizabeth Zimmermann. It is big and soft and the pocket is pretty deep to keep all the necessities close at hand.


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I love the leather handled bag! I loved it the minute I saw it at the Harbor Marketplace! I love all your work and hope to see you next year at the Marketplace, through the end! Take care, Carol G.

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