Sunday, August 07, 2005

All kinds of stuff!

Okay this stuff is just WAY too much fun. Here are two versions of the same bag. It is from the Flap Dash Bag pattern. The black and turquoise and coral and lime bag is made mostly from Peruvian wool that I was able to get from a good friend in Marshfield. The black is Patons Classic. I found a book finial that we had here and drilled a hole through it and threaded in through the I-cord on the flap. Now deemed 'Book Bag'...and it works well as one! Good and sturdy, adjustable strap, gotta love it. My favorite 'senior' Stranded Sister (my mother) made both of these gorgeous bags. The other is made from Lite Lopi--yes, we got a deal on some Smileys Yarn. $2.50 a skein! Yeay! On the flap of this one I drilled a domino for the flap weight. How fun! As a side note, my beautiful new fridge is the back drop.

The domino theme continues, as I finished and finally lined (yuck!) the drawstring bag in Wildflower DK. It's lined in a nice blue/black cotton. The straps are long, but can be adjusted.

Lastly, here is the now complete mitered square bag with the lovely dragonfly button that was goven to me by a dear 'at-work' Stranded Sister. I think it's perfect. The photo doesn't do it justice. (As a side note, my beautiful new counter is the backdrop-yeay!)

In-Laws are coming to visit today, we'll be going to the Pike Creek Rendezvous and Shedd Aquarium tomorrow. More inspiration in the works, I can feel it.


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