Saturday, May 06, 2006

Geometry and then some

Well, this is the first in what may be a new line!

This guy was made using a strand of wool (2 different kinds)and a strand of some Yarn Bee brand yarn - Whisper, I think. I started out by casting on one stitch and then increasing every 4th or so row until I ran out of blue wool. This was a handspun wool, and felted kinda loose (oh well). I knit a little longer using the gold with the Whispery yarn until it was about 24 inches wide. Then I knit straight for a couple inches (this is the bottom most part) and then started decreasing at the same rate. When all was said and done it looked like a goofy trapezoidal thing. I folded it in half so it was more triangular shaped. Then I sewed up the sides until I was happy with the width of the opening. Next, I knit 2 loops on the sides where the strap will connect. Oh ya, the strap is a long I-cord in just the gold yarn. The ends of the triangle flap over each other for a secure-ish closure. The blue wool didn't felt quite as stiffly as the gold, so the shape is a a little weird, but workable.
Lessons learned
  • Use the same kind of wool - I knew better anyway
  • Double strand the middle section, that will really be the bottom. The intention is that it will be sturdier.
  • Don't use the floofy yarn. The shaggy look is okay, but...

Stay tuned for 'sister' to this bag. More and more ideas are coming to me.


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