Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Neddlefelting needed to be done

Well I have been hankering to do some needlefelting. Gearing up for the Art Fair in Library Park. So here is a look at a couple of things...

The picture of this bag didn't turn out the best and I am afraid that I can't redo it as someone bought it at the Art Fair (Yeay!). This is side one.

and here is side two...
Alex says it reminds hime of Van Goghs "Starry Night" ...maybe Could be worse comparisons.

Here is a belt bag that I made. The strap can be snapped over a bike handle or stroller handle. Then clipped onto your belt loop.

Last but not least is a wallet that I finished in time for the show. It is a small folding type with a magnetic snap and glass beads on the end of the flap. Here is a picture of the backside laid out lengthwise. The colors are a little funky. It looks far more striking in person.


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