Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Jan Bag

This is one of my verry favorite bags. I call it "Jan Bag" for two reasons; the very first reason is because the yarn came to me through a great woman named Jan. She graciously gave me the yarn which is a fun Lopi and a gorgeous handspun apricot wool. Thanks Jan. The second reason is because this bag was made in January. I know it's a hot July right now, and perhaps it is wishful thinking that it just might get cooler, but I was revisiting some of my winter projects and remembered how very much I enjoyed this one.
When Jan gave me a bag full of yarn I poked through it and found a half finished sleeve with a pretty cable design made in the apricot yarn. Since I wanted to use the yarn and wasn't going to finish the sweater, I began to rip it apart, then I thought, duh! she's already done the knitting for me. The sleeve became a very sturdy, pretty botton to this bag. Thanks again, Jan!


Blogger The "Other" Stranded Sister said...

You are so clever! I can't wait to see the bottom of this bag.

10:01 AM  

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