Friday, August 11, 2006

Reclaimed and Needlfelted - The Updike

Reclaimed & Needlefelted

This bag came to me from a thrift shop find. It had been a sweater and now has been transformed into The Updike. so named, as I was listening to a collectionof John Updike stories while working on it. Lots of needlefelting!
Here is a picture of it hanging in the backyard. This is the front of the bag. Fun beads are hanging off the flap on the front off to the right. This bag all started when I was demonstrating needlefelting on a scap of reclained wool. That demo piece is now the front flap.

"Flaps -up" Here is a peak under the flap.

Turn aound and a sweet spiral of cool colors can be seen.

Inside are no pockets, but the closure is a magnetic snap.
The strap is long enough to be a crossover bag. Most are for me anyway.
It is a nice manageble size of 10 x 6 inches.


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