Saturday, September 09, 2006

New Blooms

Here are a couple of pictures of some new felted flower pins that I have made. The first picture shows a front and the back with the pin back sewn on with fishing line.

The next photo shows the different layers of fleece 'cut away' on the petals.
I started making these by bunching up a plastic shopping bag- really tightly and then wrapping some loosely spun yarn and seceral layers of fleece around and around making a softball size ball. Then I stuck the wad of fleece in the toe of a stocking and hand felted it. After 3 days it was what I felt dry enough to 'open'. I took the sharpest knife in the house and cut through the ball. Pulled out the shopping bag which made a hollow in the center. Then I cut inward from the sides and made the petals. I rounded some on two of the flowers and on the others left the edges straight. I like both ways. The rounded edges look alittle more 'hippy-ish' or 'flower power-ish'. Then I needlefelted some bits of yarn to make some 'stamen' and then sewd the backs on with fishing line. VOILA!


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