Saturday, February 11, 2006

Many Mitered Squares Bag

I have been dreaming about making this bag! I have a great Noro color that I think will even be enough. Three skeins in number 163. Black for the sides and bottom should make the gorgeous colors of the main body pop out. I used # 10 1/2 needle - my very favorite and made one mitered square, picked up on one side, cast on some more and made another mitered square and so on... Here we have the sides and bottom.
Looks pretty goofy if you ask me. Well check out what happens next...

Pre-felted Four Square Bag. Well, really not just 4 squares, but 11 altogether. Four on each front and back and three on the bottom. The sides are each three sets of mitered U's stacked one on top of the other. I made two interior pockets on each short side (black side).
Next time I will make the bottom and the sides straight garter stitch and not mess with the mitering. The effect I am afraid will be lost in felting. Read on and you will see what I mean...

Mitered Square Bag

Ta Da!
Here is the finished product. Note the size incomparison to the card on top. Remember it from the pre-felted picture?
What a world of difference!!

The sides and bottom U's and squares are completely lost. The black felted more quickly than the Noro, but that's okay. It gave it a bit more stability, I think. I used black grosgrain ribbon to attach the wooden handles to the bag. Looped them around the metal thing at the bottom of each and sewed the ribbon on. As an added bonus there is a magnetic snap to keep the top closed. It's a really strong magnet. Hmmm.

Anyway! This bag is going to be donated to the WoMen's and Children's Horizons' auction that is scheduled February 24th. I just may have to buy it back. I am REALLY REALLY REALLY happy with it.