Sunday, April 23, 2006

Getting a handle on it...

Here we have the next generation of wine socks. A carrying handle - Why didn't I think of that before!! There is the pre-felted picture.

Her is the post felted picture. I used two strands of yarn, Wool of the Andes - maple syrup and Noro number 138 (I think). It is a little shorter that the first wine socks but I think much more user friendly. There are eylets around the top for a leather drawstring.
Perfect for a trip to the jazz concert or for as a hostess gift to your next backyard barbeque!
Looks a little like an old fashioned swiming suit to me.

Felted Diamond Basket

This basket was inspired by the book Folk Bags.The basket in the book however was much larger and made using a slipping technique to make the diamonds in intarsia. It sounded interesting but I really enjoy jknitting in the round, and I loved the diamonds, so decided to see what I could come up with. Here she be.....

Pre-felted, the design is quite apparent. I used Lopi and post-felted it turned out verrrrrry fuzzy!
Some strands are really long. I thought about shaving it to tame some of its mane, but then I am not too sure. I kinda like it wild and hairy. Maybe I will shave the inside. It stands nicely, but I really wish it wouldn't have flared out at the top. seems to be a curse when I felt. Oh, well, next time I will try something to curb that.