Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Meet Morrie

Off the knitting track, a little.
You know you're blogging too long when....
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I am joining Morrie - Good nite :)

A Day at the Fair!

Well it was "Boy Band"temperatures today.

98 Degrees that is. Heat index was 105 last I checked. Nice shirocco coming out of the South.
No relief from the lake.
We got to the park at about 7:15 am and amazingly enough several folks were aready set up. I guess it was the coolest time of the day. This was taken earlier in the day - hence the smile still on my face. It was still a geat day though. Saw some old friends and new faces. The crowds were down, but the heat had a lot to do with that. But,
there is some reeeeaaaaalllllllllllllly good news to come.....
Perhaps the pool of artists and crafters was small, or maybe I just happened to catch the eye of the right judge, but Stranded Sisters have been awarded the 3rd Place Prize today!! Yeay - the very first ever award.
Here I was just bummed out that I didn't win the raffle for the Museum.
Having missed the photo op for the presentationof the ribbon and cash (yes, cash) I can only tell you that I was very pleased and suprized and giddy about the whole affair.
Now on to 2nd place and then First Place!!!
YEAY - the crowd goes wild....okay I can dream though.

Neddlefelting needed to be done

Well I have been hankering to do some needlefelting. Gearing up for the Art Fair in Library Park. So here is a look at a couple of things...

The picture of this bag didn't turn out the best and I am afraid that I can't redo it as someone bought it at the Art Fair (Yeay!). This is side one.

and here is side two...
Alex says it reminds hime of Van Goghs "Starry Night" ...maybe Could be worse comparisons.

Here is a belt bag that I made. The strap can be snapped over a bike handle or stroller handle. Then clipped onto your belt loop.

Last but not least is a wallet that I finished in time for the show. It is a small folding type with a magnetic snap and glass beads on the end of the flap. Here is a picture of the backside laid out lengthwise. The colors are a little funky. It looks far more striking in person.

A Relay Relay Nice bag

No. It's not a typo. It really is a Relay Bag. Huh?
Well, I bought a fine wool sweater at a rummage sale that was a fundraiser for our Relay For life team, felted it in the washing machine, cut it apart, put it back together and added some strings of glass beads to a skirt/shawl/sweater pin. The I-cord was some from a previous project that never got used.

The handle works out well as a shoulder bag or doubled as a pocketbook style handbag.
I love the striping pattern. Another success!

It has been awhile!

I know it has taken a long time to post, but wait untill you see what has been up!

OKAY, starting from the left. This A-maze-ing bag kinda looks like a mass of mazes. It started out as 2 mitred squares that I sewed together, then picked up the stitches along the top and made a collar of sorts. In contrasting colors of course. The I picked up stitches on the bottom and made 2 triangles and sewed thse together. I made a long strap in alternating stripes in garter stitch. The bag and strap were felted separately and sewed together with fishing line. pretty cool!!
The next bag was a simple circularly knit bag. at the right point in time, half of the stitches were cast off and the remaining stitches were knit to make the flap. Oh ya, The yarn is a combination of wool and ribbon yarn. The ribbon was used every third row. A slightly hidden talent of the 'sisters' is the button. I made this from polymer clay. First attempt- not bad. Inspired me to buy a second hand pasta machine to make more. The last is a wool waterbottle holder using Wool of the Andes and a strand of Noro Kuryeon. Added a drawstring and a pinch slide (not sure what the real name is) and a few glass beads and leather strap and Hoo-ya!