Monday, June 05, 2006

Whatapane Follow up

Here is an after-felting photo of a really fun bag!
I am definately doing more of these!
maybe not quite as big, but I have ideas swimming around my head.
Look at previous posts for the pre-felted photo.

The season has begun!!

What a gorgeous start to a new season! The weather couldn't be beat. It was great to see new and old faces alike.
The Market was very fun, as usual. We had our first experience at The Good Old Summertime Art Fair, sponsored by the Kenosha Art Association and came away with mixed emotions.
I was a bit dismayed with the acceptance of some vendors. My impression when I applied was that the art work had to be original. There were more than a couple of vendors with cheap import items for sale. The booth fees for this fair are supposed to support The Association, and there were plenty of good quality artists there, that I felt it somehow cheapened the experience by having "resale" items. Okay, rant over. Again the weather was great and had a chance to meet some very nice people.
Because of the irregular site (being in a park) we had a few challenges in setting up. Here is a peek at our booth. Okay, so the photography isn't the best, but you get the idea.
Here was a good idea....

We also added a new item that recieved a lot of interest, but not a lot of purchases.
The Tea Cozy as seen here.........................

I want to thank EVERYONE that stopped by to say hello! Jane, I am anxious to try the pattern you gave me. And I am excited about the new Tea shop that will be opening in downtown Kenosha. So much abuzz! And it's not bees or mosquitos (yet).